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For three decades, Mongolia Quest have been exploring and arranging trips throughout Mongolia and beyond. Our pioneering have now become the talk of legends and have made our company a household names in the Mongolian travel market. We are not complacent and have continued to establish connections across this vast country forming partnerships with the best and most reliable herders, community groups, researchers, conservation organizations, and local governments. This extensive and collaborative network allows us to organize a wide range of unique experiences for individual travelers as well as large groups.

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Mongolia offers endless storylines and truly amazing colors of landscapes, people, and wildlife for avid photographers and media projects. From customs clearance to filming permissions and location sets, we have years of experience working in the field. We are passionate about media and have had the opportunity to work on some of the most complicated productions in the past. Our extensive networking, both in Ulaanbaatar and the countryside, ensures that you meet the right people necessary to be featured in your projects.

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Mongolia Quest can facilitate any projects requiring rental equipment, whether it is vehicles, tripods and camera support equipment, or even garage space and storage. In the past, we have helped transport large amounts of bulky and expensive equipment by rigging special trucks to reach remote corners of Mongolia. Let us know your needs, and we would be happy to support your project.

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I just returned from the trip of a lifetime to Mongolia, sponsored by the Haub School of Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming and guided by Mongolia Quest. We visited national parks, monasteries, museums, the Flaming Cliffs in the Gobi and much more, with incredible insights and flawless logistics from our guides… Mongolia Quest co-owner, Badral, who also leads the Mongolian Ecology Center, along with his very able assistant, Odno. I can’t imagine more kind, knowledgeable and effective tour leaders and inspiring national leaders as well. They participated in Zoom orientation calls with us in advance of the trip, met us with smiling faces at the Chingis Khan airport, ensured our comfort and safety along the way, and left us with a much much greater appreciation for Mongolia, its history, and its people. The environmental education work they are doing with middle and high-school students through the Ecology Center is incredibly inspiring and worth supporting! I certainly intend to.
Gail Heartfelt thanks for the trip of a lifetime
I recently participated in a scientific expedition organized by Mongolia Quest, and it was single-handedly about the best expedition I’ve ever been on! We were scientists there to do work, but every logistical detail you could imagine – travel, lodging, equipment, gear, supplies, camp, meals, etc. – was expertly handled and arranged by Mongolia Quest. This was no simple camping trip, and yet, even for us ‘science nerds’ scrounging around in the dirt every day, the accommodations in camp was like a 5-star oasis in the rocky Gobi. All of the logistical details and planning were so thorough and well executed that the entire trip felt more like an exotic desert getaway than a scientific expedition. And Mongolia Quest’s dedication is to be commended. They don’t do just the ‘normal’ tourist sightseeing excursions – from amazing cultural tours, to the outdoors and wildlife, to paleo- and geotourism, the company is wonderfully dedicated to promoting conservation, knowledge, and citizen science through unique and first-hand experiences. As we heard in camp, Mongolia has so much more to offer and share with the world besides Genghis Khan, so participant with a company that is so keen and knowledgeable, and who will help you learn lifetimes of information about this amazing place. I will definitely be going back to Mongolia, and I hope to work with Mongolia Quest again and again – from being a tourist myself and experiencing all of the wonders of such a magical country, to a scientist working with the company for expedition logistics and support.
Cary Mongolia Quest - A Scientist's Endorsement

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