For three decades Mongolia Quest we have been exploring and arranging trips throughout Mongolia and beyond. Our pioneering have now become the talk of legends and have made our company a household names in the Mongolian travel market. We are not complacent and have continued to establish connections across this vast country forming partnerships with the best and most reliable herders, community groups, researchers, conservation organizations, and local governments. This extensive and collaborative network allows us to organise a wide range of unique experiences for individual travelers as well as large groups.

Our priority

Quality is our priority. We take pride in delivering oustanding services and pay attention to detail to provide the best, most authentic experiences to our guests, while at the same time offering lasting benefits to local communities. The challenges of adventurous expeditions are complimeneted with comfortable accommodation good food and most importantly, genuine Mongolian hospitality.

Mongolia Quest’s philosophy

Mongolia Quest’s philosophy is to give back to the local community and this unique country. With generous assistance of our partner organisations, Mongolia Quest has donated gers to monasteries, helped to restore rural schools, and trained local rangers and children in sustainable tourism practices. We have also donated hundreds of books to over a dozen smaal rural schools to support the edication of herders children. Through our future travel programs and partnerships, we continue to strive to make differences to the sustainable growth of the rural communities.

Composed of native individuals, joined by a common passion for travel and exploration, Mongolia Quest takes pride in our culture and heritage. We believe in people-to-people diplomacy and lasting connections.

More about Mongolia Quest


Mongolia is one of the last remaining resorts where one can still experience centuries old nomadic lifestyle which has not changed from the times of Chinggis Khaan or Atilla the Hun. Traditionally Mongolians are taught to be conservationist by their parents andunderstand the importance of community. This was always  because the very substance of nomadic pastoralism was dependent on intact environment and also the peaceful coexistence of men and nature that has not changed since those times. Members of Mongolia Quest team have been active supporters of the many pioneering, grassroots initiatives to sustain this historic way of life into the future.


Mongolia Quest’s philosophy is to support the local herder communities in sustaining their way of life into the future by working with them to maintain the delicate balance of honouring their traditions and maintaining tourism practices.