Coming to Mongolia is an adventure and provides the opportunity to explore one of the last remaining authentic nomadic cultures on earth. Travel by a 4×4 vehicles off road and enjoy the scenery. Our active adventures will enable you to choose from horseback riding to camel trekking in the Gobi desert or trekking in the magnificent Altai mountains and scaling the country’s beauty and diverse ecosystems by mountain bikes or overland driving.

The Trails of Lake Hovsgol and Gobi Desert

Overland driving, horseback riding, hiking, camping and camel trekking – this is our ultimate Mongolian multi-sport event designed for thrill and action seekers!

Mongolia is a National Park itself with a commitment to protect up to 30% of its territory.    It is an ideal destination for mountain trekking, horseback and camelback riding. “National Parks of Mongolia” is one of our series of “Active Quests,” which include trekking and riding in some of the most beautiful national parks in country. Traveling in Mongolia on a trip that combines two or more of existing 99 National Parks will be an unforgettable travel experience.

Our trip begins with a flight north to Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia’s “Mother Sea” which contains 1% of the world’s fresh water. The lake is headwaters to famous Lake Baikal, which is located not far in Siberia and is one of the oldest lakes in the world. Here, we will enjoy a two-day horseback riding tour, trekking through some of the most scenic places along the lakeshore. Later, we will drive south to the Gobi Desert, exploring habitat areas of Argali wild sheep, gazelle, grey wolf and snow leopard. We will enjoy camel trekking at Hongoryn Els Sand dunes, in Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, the largest in the park system.

Price starts from: $2,650

Horse Trekking in the Land Of Genghis Khan

Mongolia is probably the only place where horses outnumber people. They were and are the very center of all nomadic existence and have been instrumental in the history and culture of the Mongols. It is thanks to these strong, yet undemanding horses, the armies of Chinggis Khaan conquered half of the known world in the 13th century, and, thanks to them, mongols are still able to roam vast steppes of Inner Asia practically the same way their ancestors lived for millennia. Join us on this trek and find yourself living and riding with the sons of Chinggis himself! This exclusive horseback riding journey takes place in the Gorkhi Terelj National park, one of the most scenic destinations in Mongolia. Our saddles are custom designed to fit Mongolian horses and all necessary riding gears will be provided by us to ensure safety and comfort during the ride. This journey is intended to keep driving distances shorter and travel expenses minimum, in order to allow more travelers enjoy this unique experience.


Price starts from: $860

Rangers choice Hovsgol horse riding

This special riding experience is an exclusively arranged horseback riding tour aimed at joining local Mongolian rangers to study the habitat area of the endangered argali and ibex species at one of the most remote and beautiful mountains in Mongolia, known as Horidal Saridag. This majestic mountain range overlooks the western shore of the magnificent lake Hovsgol and is in the background of almost every tourist photos of the lake.

Our trip begins with a flight north to Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia’s “Mother Sea” which contains 1% of the world’s fresh water. The lake is headwaters to famous Lake Baikal, which is located not far in Siberia and is one of the oldest lakes in the world. We will begin the journey by driving to the Darhad Valley where our ranger will greet and introduce us to our horses and local crew. All camping and cooking equipments will be carried by horses and we will travel in the complete wilderness in the next few days. Few such pockets now remain in Mongolia.

Price starts from: $2,670

Mongolian Motorbike Adventure

Mongolia has a population of three million people and a land the size of Alaska, where majority of the population is concentrated in few settlements, including the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, home to more than half of the total citizens. With less than few thousand km of pavement Mongolia is an ideal place for those who enjoy wide open spaces, unspoiled landscapes and challeging tracks! Using Yamaha dirt bikes, WR250F and WR450F bikes you will be able to explore Central Mongolia. Visit the ancient capital Kharakhorum, ride through famous Orkhon river basin, bath in one of Mongolia’s hot springs and ride through ancient lava fields. One of the highlights of this trip is meeting the local herders who are still living the way their ancestors lived for several millennia.

Price starts from: $4,250

Mongolian Overland Adventure: Across the Mongolian Plains

If you are looking for exploring the extensive Mongolian plains and learn about nomadic culture in depth, this quest might be suitable for you. For centuries, explorers arranged quests to discover its wildlife and sought to traverse across its vast land on horse or camel. Our expedition begins in the northern Lake Hovsgol region, where Mongolia’s crystal clear Lake Hovsgol awaits you. Our journey  then continues onto Zavkhan province, which is one of Mongolia’s few remaining unexplored corners. We will then traverse across the northern Gobi plains to the towering sand dunes. Our quest concludes with a dinosaur fossil prospecting journey and a nomadic encounter with horse breeding family. This expedition will take us through best known lakes and river systems of central and northern Mongolia and concludes in the Gobi Desert.

Price starts from: $2,680

Mongolia: From Sunrise to Sunset

Join us on an Epic Journey through the far eastern and western Mongolia together with local experts, visiting some of the most obscure—and most scenic—sites not visited by regular folk. Meet Kazakh hunters with their trained Golden Eagles, as well as look for the herds of the largest population of hoofed mammals outside of Africa. These are white tail or Mongolian gazelle in the eastern steppes; these gazelles have no apparent migratory patterns and are true nomadic animals similar to the people sharing the same land. Not many know that Mongolia’s vast grasslands are seven times the size of Serengeti and the human population density in this region is the lowest in the country. The trip is perfect for adventurers with cameras who love natural landscapes as well as local culture. This journey will allow you to explore Mongolia from one end to another, revealing its fascinating array of ecosystems and all the landscapes, cultures and wildlife in between.

Price starts from: $2,790

Gazelles of the Eastern Steppe

Mongolia is one of the last places on the planet Earth with vast expanses of untouched land with little to no evidence of human influence. For centuries, traditional local herders have been following their domestic animals in search of good pastureland; they move from place to place, based on changing seasons as well as rainfall. Similar to people, most of the wildlife pursue a similar nomadic lifestyle, roaming a territory the size of Alaska without any discernable migratory patterns. The eastern steppes of Mongolia, known as Dornod, are vast grasslands seven times the size of Serengeti. They are inhabited by White tail or Mongolian gazelle, the biggest hoofed-mammal population outside of the African continent. The best  way to explore this big open landscape is to drive.  Join us on this overland adventure through the Mongolian steppe, passing through the land of ancient volcanoes and entering the mystic Gobi Desert, stopping by old monastery ruins and present-day places of worship for local peoples.

Price starts from: $2,390

Mongolian Panoramas

On this exciting journey, you will be able to imagine yourself being a part of a camel caravan crisscrossing the mighty Gobi Desert. You will ride horses along with descendants of Chinggis and Khubilai Khaan on their home turf. And as a bonus will have a chance to witness the famed Golden Eagle festival in the farwestern province of Bayan Olgii. The Golden Eagle Festival is one of the most anticipated cultural events of local Kazakhs. Every year, both the eagle and the hunter prepare for not only the hunting season but to compete in the annual festival. Winning the games is a prestigious and milestone event in the life of an eagle hunter.  Some of the participants come from as far as 250 kms away.  Join us on this epic journey to experience the best of Mongolian Panoramas!

Price starts from: $2,990