If your quest is more personal and specific, such as meeting shaman practitioners for a personal healing or exploring the lesser-known historic sites connected to the Chinggis Khan’s 13th century, special project arrangements can ensure you have the maximum opportunity to meet your travel goals. For many of our special-interest travel program developments, we often like to consult with the industry’s top professionals such as historians or archaeologists who know the topics in the field best so that your travel program is more comprehensive, genuine and rewarding for you.  Our years of experience in assisting with international and domestic media outlets allow us to work as a fixer for almost any kind of media programs as well.



Mongolia offers endless story lines and truly amazing colors of landscapes, people and wildlife for avid photographers and media projects. From custom clearance to filming permissions and location sets, we have years of experience working in the field. We are passionate about media and have had the opportunity of working in some of the most complicated productions in the past. Our extensive networking both in Ulaanbaatar and the countryside ensures that you meet the right people necessary to be featured on your projects.

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It is possible for Mongolia Quest to facilitate any projects with rental of equipment whether it is vehicles or tripods and camera support equipment or even garage space and storage. Let us know your needs and we would be happy to support the cause. Heavy equipment and re-charging devises are often heavy and bulky, costing substantial resources for carrying through international flights and shipments. For example, in the past, we have helped to transport large amount of bulky and expensive equipment by rigging special trucks to remote corners of Mongolia.