Mongolia offers endless story lines and truly amazing colors of landscapes, people and wildlife for avid photographers and media projects. From custom clearance to filming permissions and location sets, we have years of experience working in the field. We are passionate about media and have had the opportunity of working in some of the most complicated productions in the past. Our extensive networking both in Ulaanbaatar and the countryside ensures that you meet the right people necessary to be featured on your projects. Our years of experience in assisting with international and domestic media outlets allow us to work as a fixer for almost any kind of media programs as well.


Local Expertise

Our vast network in Ulaanbaatar and beyond connects you with the right people to ensure a successful shoot.

Remote Filming Support

We understand the challenges of filming in remote locations. Our team has successfully transported bulky equipment and arranged logistics for even the most demanding productions.

Location Scouting & Permits

From epic steppes to ancient monasteries and National Parks, we’ll help you find the perfect locations and secure filming permits.

Logistics & Rentals

Our years of experience navigating Mongolia ensure smooth operations, including custom clearance, transportation arrangements, and equipment rentals or even garage space and storage. Let us know your needs and we would be happy to support the cause. Heavy equipment and re-charging devises are often heavy and bulky, costing substantial resources for carrying through international flights and shipments. For example, in the past, we have helped to transport large amount of bulky and expensive equipment by rigging special trucks to remote corners of Mongolia.


We collaborate with industry experts like historians, biologists, and archaeologists to create truly comprehensive and impactful media projects. This ensures your filming experience is genuine, rewarding, and captures the essence of Mongolia.

Panoramic Journeys
Off The Fence
Mill Valley Film
Haut et Court
Giant Screen Films
Fisher Creative
Fidget Films LLC
BBC Natural History Unit
BBC Earth



Dinosaurs Alive, IMAX documentary, Produced by Giant Screen Films

Journey with renowned paleontologists as they hunt for fossilized clues buried in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, uncovering evidence that dinosaur descendants may still walk (or fly) among us today.


Tsetsgee Munkbayar, Goldman Prize Short Films, Produced by Mill Valley film Group

Munkhbayar successfully worked with government and grassroots organizations to shut down destructive mining operations along Mongolia’s scarce waterways. Through public education and political lobbying, Munkhbayar has effectively protected Mongolia’s precious water resources from additional unregulated mining.

A Bigger World, Produced by Haut e Court

In order to get over the death of Paul, the love of her life, Corine leaves Paris for a few weeks in Mongolia. But her meeting with the shaman Oyun upends her plans, as Oyun proclaims that Corine has received a rare gift. Back in France, she cannot refuse what is now imposed on her: she must go back to Mongolia to begin her initiation… and discover a bigger world.


Mongolia Rise and Fall of an Empire, Director Robert H.Lieberman

This film is a journey through Mongolian history and into modern Mongolian culture. It offers fascinating insights into the little-known central Asian nation.

Living with Snow Leopards 3 Part Series, Produced by Fidget Films

Three powerful short films explore the lives of four families from India and Mongolia as they navigate the challenges of coexisting with predators in their backyards. Each is a moving testimony to Snow Leopard Trust’s work to help communities and snow leopards thrive.

Bayarjargal Agvaantseren, Goldman Prize Short Films, Produced by Mill Valley film Group

Bayarjargal Agvaantseren helped create the 1.8 million-acre Tost Tosonbumba Nature Reserve in the South Gobi—a critical habitat for the vulnerable snow leopard—and persuaded the Mongolian government to prohibit all mining within the reserve.

Culture Quest with Ian Grant, Produced by Slow Boat Productions

This six episode pilot season premiered on PBS fall of 2021. It’s a series that looks at life through the lens of the world’s artists, artisans and keepers of culture.

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Rally for Rangers Documentary, Produced by Fisher Creative

The film highlights the difficulties and dangers in these rangers’ work and how the rallies are delivering critical tools to these front-line conservation heroes that help them do their jobs protecting some of the world’s most valuable, vulnerable, and sometimes life- sustaining natural and cultural resources for the benefit of us all.

BBC Planet Earth 3 extremes

BBC Planet Earth III, Produced by BBC Earth Team

The footage of Mongolian snow leopards is featured in an episode of ‘Planet Earth III: Extremes,’.

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BBC Asia Series, Produced by BBC Natural History Unit

The Mongolian gazelle and gobi bear filming will form a critical part of the ‘Deserts and Grasslands’ Episode of a seven-part Natural History television series called ‘Asia’. The aim of the series is to showcase the spectacular wildlife of this vast continent.

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Snow Leopards, Produced by Off the Fence Production

A captivating journey through the rugged landscapes of Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia alongside PhD student Dan O’Neill as he joins forces with the Snow Leopard Trust to unravel the mysteries of the elusive Snow Leopard. In this groundbreaking natural history and observational documentary, we witness Dan’s pioneering research as he employs cutting-edge technology to study these majestic creatures like never before.
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Topaz Gobi Bear Project, Produced by Panoramic Journeys

A Gobi bear shooting at Gobi A National Park.



I wanted to say a huge thank you from the whole snow leopard team for the support, expertise, and advice that you have offered us over the last few years. Our success working in Mongolia was largely down to your team and logistical management. The crew really enjoyed working with Mongolia Quest and loved their experience of Mongolia. Thank you.

– Mr. Theo Webb, Producer, Director – Planet Earth III