Mongolia Quest offers logistical support and planning for a wide range of hospitality events throughout Mongolia. Be it a business meeting, investment study program or high-end travel products for private jet and train journeys, Mongolia Quest understand that corporate travel programs require special recognition, branding, and care.

For tour operators and travel wholesalers, we offer competitive market prices with the best available quality service in the country. We book the best blocks of Mongolia’s travel inventories and can combine these services into creating once-in-a- life-time-travel-experiences for your clients.

Day trips

Whether you are visiting Mongolia for a short trip or just few nights in UB, there are ways to explore Mongolia. From a range of well-exhibited museums to magnificent monasteries and temples and national parks, we offer custom made travel programs to extend your understanding of Mongolia. We offer two day tours and two overnight tours, all intended for expanding your experience and understanding of Mongolia.

Short trips

Coming to Mongolia requires time and resources, so if you are coming as a part of a group tour, we suggest that you extend your journey by few more days and explore other parts of the country, or visit Mongolia’s adjacent regions on a private extension-trip. This includes visiting different parts of the country not on your itinerary as well as Russian Siberia and various parts of China, both of which are just a two-hour flight away.

Event management

Our event expertise is deep: we founded and have continually managed two of the biggest national events in Mongolia – the Golden Eagle festival in Bayan Ulgii and the Thousand Camel festival in Umnugobi for the last 20 years. In conjunction with the Ulaanbaatar Tourism Association, Mongolia Quest has been co-organizing biggest national tourism fair, “Ulaanbaatour.” With extensive knowledge and experience, we will be happy to handle any events you have planned in Mongolia, be it a cocktail evening with friends and associates or a large international conference.