Our dedicated team of professional travel experts, dedicated drivers and tour leaders are some of the best in the industry. We are also proud to work closely with local community representatives who enable  us to plan and execute challenging programs that will excite and inspire you.

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The true value of Mongolia are it’s people and their nomadic life!

Our adventures explore remote countryside, introduce you to local hearders,  their lifestyle, heritage and master the art of riding their horses. You will learn about paleontology or archaeology, and walk in the footsteps of Genghis Khan!

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We Have Stories to Tell

Mongolia is located at the very heart of Inner Asia and is home to one of the oldest nomadic cultures in the world. It is here that herders roamed the land freely with their animals for hundreds of generations and thanks to the essence of nomadic existence, this tradition has survived millennia. Nomads passed down their knowledge and history from one generation to another through their oral tradition of telling stories. We will share these intricate stories with you in most intimate way so that you can understand the people and their culture and become ambassadors of nomadic Mongolia.

Experts of custom tailored journeys

Built on our 30 years of experience and knowledge, our Quests are designed to bring once in a lifetime experience in Mongolia whether you are seeking an adventure hiking in the remote Mongolian mountains or whether your dream is to live like a nomad and experience age old traditions firsthand.  Each of our journeys is custom built to meet your specific interests and cover areas you would like to explore. We are open to new ideas and regions and enjoy exploration and learning everytime around.