Mongolia Quests ambition is to create the best travel and educational experiences in the region and for this reason, we team up with the country’s experts and rural community to create learning opportunities. These tours are unique with national and international experts contributing as our study leaders to share their knowledge and expertise.

Our scientific programs provide access to archeological digs, paleontological expeditions and snow leopard collaring projects in partnership with scientists from Mongolia’s Academy of Science Mongolia Quest contributes to these national research projects directly, to sustain them for the future.


Many of Mongolia Quest’s past clients have volunteered their time in Mongolia on their second and third visits and some even have fallen in love with the country so that they pursued academic and professional careers. There are many volunteer opportunities in Mongolia. Our volunteers have helped clean fossils at the lab of the Paleontological Institution, trained park rangers, taught English in rural schools, and have helped various non-governmental organizations with capacity building. Contact us for more information about volunteering opportunities.

Dinosaurs of Mongolia

This pioneering expedition is arranged under the auspices of the Mongolian Paleontological Center with a goal of assisting its scientific research and field study projects through sustainable tourism. Participants will be led by Dr. Tsogtbaatar, who is one of Mongolia’s leading paleontologists, along with young Mongolian scientists and our field staff. Our trip begins in Ulaanbaatar, where we will visit several of the best-known museums and sites such as the Gandan Monastery, National History and Fine Arts Museums. We will also tour Mongolian Paleonto-logical Laboratory. We will then fly to the heart of the Gobi desert from where we will continue traveling overland to the eastern part of the Gobi where some of the most scenic and obscure landscapes await us. This part of the Gobi belongs to the early Cretaceous, about 80-93 million years ago, which was a key period for dinosaur evolution. For the remainder of this trip, we will be living a life of true paleontologists, joining the research team in their daily work with a chance to participate in actual excavations and make new discoveries. Hearty meals will be served each day by our expert field-chef following adventurous days of field prospecting and working.

Price starts from: $5,900

Mongolian Archaeological Heritage

Over two millennia ago, a powerful confederacy of nomadic tribes known as the Xiongnu Empire (Hunnu in Mongolian) thrived in what is now Mongolia. For many Mongolians, this is when the nation began. Xiongnu were the dominant power in Central Asia, forcing its southern neighbor, the Han dynasty to maintain a “peace and kinship treaty.”  Dr. Erdenebaatar of Ulaanbaatar State University and his dedicated archaeological team  have been excavating largest known tomb of Xiongnu aristocrats to date. The site,  known as Gol Mod-2, is located in the picturesque Arhangai Province. Excavations have yielded never before seen crafts of the Xiongnu Empire, including gold, silver, and jade ornaments as well as parts of horse chariots, tools, and human and animal remains. In June of 2015, this team is planning to open yet another tomb at the site. On this “Empires of the Steppe” tour, we will be given exclusive access to visit the excavation site and to spend a few days with the scientists and students. We will have the opportunity not only  observe the excavation work, we will be able to help in unearthing an ancient treasure never seen before by the modern world.

Price starts from: $3,490

Gobi with a Cause

In the modern world of computers, internet and space technologies it is difficult to find a moment to look around us more carefully, to meet ordinary people from different cultures and to remember why we are here and what are the basic human values that matter. This quest, which traverses through Mongolia’s least known parts of the Gobi Desert and central steppes, is dedicated to adventurers who like to travel with a cause and learn about local cultures deeper than a regular visitor has a chance to. More importantly, it is designed to give you an opportunity to make your personal input and contributions into the growth of local communities and advancing their causes. We will be able to help a local school in a remote village, assist in rebuilding an ancient monastery, learn about a grassroots conservation movement well known around the country and, help biologists and rangers of a local park to conduct their daily duties. If you deeply care and concerned about conserving endemic cultures around the world and learn about Mongolia deeper than an ordinary visitor, then this quest might be suitable for you.

Price starts from: $3,260