Hunt for and collect dinosaurs alongside paleontologists at two fossil-rich localities in the Gobi Desert.

The goal of this expedition is to discover and collect dinosaur remains and assist in international efforts to counter the black-market trade of illegal fossils from Mongolia.

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert is renowned as one of the richest areas in the world for the discovery of dinosaur fossils. Palaeontological exploration there spans more than a century and has been the source of such emblematic dinosaurs as Velociraptor, Gallimimus, and Tarbosaurus. However, since the early 2000’s the illegal excavation and poaching of dinosaur fossils from across Mongolia have had a hugely damaging effect on its natural history heritage, with important specimens removed from public knowledge and the scientific community. International efforts are now underway to repatriate many of the fossils seized by the authorities. Part of this effort requires detective work to determine where in the Gobi these fossils were originally found. Using the unique elemental composition of fossil bones and rocks, researchers are helping restore this lost information, but require your help to explore the vastness of the Gobi and complete their mission.

You will be helping paleontologists access new areas of the Gobi to understand the dinosaurs and the ecosystems they inhabited, hunting for new fossils along the way!



Trip date:

September 5 – 19, 2024

4-5 participants:

$6,250 per person,

standard twin occupancy

6-7 participants:

$5,840 per person,

standard twin occupancy

8-9 participants:

$5,620 per person,

standard twin occupancy

Based on 10 and more participants:

$4,950 per person,

standard twin occupancy

Optional single supplement

$650 per person,

including a single tent


bayngol room

Hotel Bayangol

Located centrally in Ulaanbaatar, Bayangol Hotel offers comfortable accommodations with easy access to the city’s attractions. Accommodations at Bayangol Hotel cater to every need, from cozy standard rooms to luxurious suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.

camping Mongolian tent tourists

Field camps

Once we arrive at the fossil localities,  we will stay in expedition stye tents. There will be a mass tent for meals and our evening lectures. Sleeping bags and matresses will be provided.


Ger camps

In the start and the end part of the Gobi program, we will be staying at cozy and authentic ger camps with western bathroom and restaurant facilities. Most visitors find staying in gers as one of the highlights of their trip to Mongolia.

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Land Transportation

Land transportation is provided by Toyota Land Cruisers, seating up to  3 passangers per vehicle. Some roads can be bumby and hard but our drivers are some of the most experienced and reliable in Mongolia. Separate supply vehicles will be used to carry our tents and kitchen supplies.