Over two millennia ago, a powerful confederacy of nomadic tribes known as the Xiongnu Empire (Hunnu in Mongolian) thrived in what is now Mongolia. For many Mongolians, this is when the nation began. Xiongnu were the dominant power in Central Asia, forcing its southern neighbor, the Han dynasty to maintain a “peace and kinship treaty.”  Dr. Erdenebaatar of Ulaanbaatar State University and his dedicated archaeological team  have been excavating largest known tomb of Xiongnu aristocrats to date. The site, known as Gol Mod-2, is located in the picturesque Arhangai Province. Excavations have yielded never before seen crafts of the Xiongnu Empire, including gold, silver, and jade ornaments as well as parts of horse chariots, tools, and human and animal remains. With activate crowdfunding, this team is planning to open yet another tomb at the site. On this exclusive journey, we will be given exclusive access to visit the excavation site and to spend a few days with the scientists and students. We will have the opportunity not only  observe the excavation work, we will be able to help in unearthing an ancient treasure never seen before by the modern world.



Trip date:

August 10 – 23, 2024

2 travelers:

$4,250 per person,

standard twin occupancy

3-5 travelers:

$3,890 per person,

standard twin occupancy

6-9 travelers:

$3,650 per person,

standard twin occupancy

10-15 travelers:

$3,490 per person,

standard twin occupancy

Optional single supplement

$550 per person,


bayngol room

Hotel Bayangol

Located centrally in Ulaanbaatar, Bayangol Hotel offers comfortable accommodations with easy access to the city’s attractions. Accommodations at Bayangol Hotel cater to every need, from cozy standard rooms to luxurious suites, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.

Mongolian ger summer

Expedition Base Camp

Once we arrive at the tomb excavation site, you will stayi in rustic but confortable Mongolian gers. Our private chef will cook field meals every day and camp setting will be an expedition style, with a field toilet and shower provided.


Ger camps

We will also be staying at tourist class, cozy and authentic ger camps with western bathroom and restaurant facilities. Most visitors find staying in gers as one of the highlights of their trip to Mongolia.


Land Transportation

Land transportation will be provided by 4×4 Mitsubishi Delica Vans, seated one for every four passengers. Separate supply vehicles will be used to carry our tents and kitchen supplies.