The ger, one of the Mongolian most significant heritage that passed down generation to generation, and it has an old history tracing from earlier centuries. Mongolian ger dwelling has slightly changed but developed, and it is keeping its features today. Mongolia has an extreme continental climate that has very high-temperature fluctuation. Mongolian ger is the most suitable dwelling for this extreme climate and nomadic lifestyle because It is easy to disassemble or assemble, and for moving to another place by using a cart or load it onto livestock back.

Mongolian ger has its unique design and advantages, and most importantly, it is made of 100 percent eco products. Nowadays, this mobilized dwelling becomes popular in the world and increases purchasing by foreigners who want to live this eco-home. We Mongolia Quest is offering you Mongolian ger to purchase through our website and worldwide shipping.


  • Capacity – Although it looks a bit small and has only one chamber, Ger is very spacious.
  • Easy to mobilize – Ger is divided into several parts, and it is easy to carry or move and can be assembled multiple times a year. 
  • Different types – Mongolian Gers are differed from each other by size and decoration. There are measured from 4 walls to 12 walls gers and decorations vary depending on the choice (additional prices apply)  

The ger will include the following structure:

Under the nomadic lifestyle, Mongolian Ger is designed for mobilized easily. Therefore Mongolian Ger is very easy to build up and down. It is consists of the following mandatory parts:

  • Toono (Roof top) – This is the top part of the Ger – 1 piece
  • Uni (Poles) – These assemble together to make up the roof – 81 pieces
  • Bagana (Columns) –They support the roof top – 1 piece
  • Khana (Latticed walls) – Khana is divided into a range of 4 to 12 sections depending on the ger size – 4 pieces
  • Haalga(door) – Mongolian ger haalga (door) always faces the south direction – 1 piece 
  • Floor (Shal) –  Not included
  • Roof top felt coverCovers the top of the ger – 1 piece
  • Roof felt covers (Deever)Covers the top part of the ger after it is completed – 1 piece
  • Side wall cover (Tuurga) – It covers the wall, surrounding the ger – 4 piece
  • Cotton canvass cover (Outer Cover of Ger)After everything is assembled together, a white canvass cover is put on the entire structure of the ger, making it look like a snow-white – 1 piece


Price starts from $4,900;

Transportation cost: To be advised*.

* Delivery time will depend on to which continent it is shipped to.


Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in acquiring your own Mongolian Ger!

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