Snow Leopards of Mongolia

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    Of the estimated 5,000 species that roam in the world, Mongolia is believed to be home to about 1,500 snow leopards. These big cats have been protected in Mongolia since 1972 and their habitat areas are found at over 30 different national parks in the country. Our journey will take place in two remote areas of the country, ranging from the high mountains to the lower grassland area. There are guaranteed sightings of wild argali sheep and wild goat ibex during the trip and possibly more mammals such as the saiga antelope and Mongolian gazelle. The estimated travel time is 3 weeks. During the trip, private gers will be set up to accommodate comfort and experience. Participants can set up camera traps or simply follow the local park rangers and follow the footsteps of these elusive but magnificent cats. On each day, led by our local rangers, we will set out to see these magnificent cats in their wild habitat areas.

    Brief Daily Itinerary

    Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

    Enjoy a short city tour followed by a welcome dinner at a fine local restaurant

    Day 2-7. Altai Mountains

    In the morning, we will fly to the western Mongolia, which is home to several large national parks. During the next few days, we will stay in one area and leave for daily sighting opportunities.

    Day 8. Ulaanbaatar

    In the morning, we will drive to the provincial capital to fly back to Ulaanbaatar.

    Day 9. Hustain Nuruu National Park

    Enjoy a day tour to this beautiful park located outside of Ulaanbaatar to observe and learn about Mongolia’s wild horse takhi, known as the Przewalski horse in the west.

    Day 10-15. Gobi Desert

    Day 10-15 will be spent in the Gobi desert, looking for Gobi’s wild life species such as the argali sheep, ibex, manuul cat and snow leopard.

    Day 16-17. Ulaanbaatar

    Travel back to Ulaanbaatar and enjoy a one full day of city tour.

    Day 18. Departure

    Transfer to the airport for departure.

    Trip Highlights:

    • Travel through Mongolia’s vast grassland and the steppe, learning about their ecosystem and searching for the wildlife
    • Enjoy hiking in some of the most scenic trails in Mongolia while learning about birds, flowers and geology
    • Visit the Gobi desert and ride two-humped Mongolain camels on the sand dunes
    • Visit the habitat area of the elusive snowleopards in the Altai Mountains
    • Enjoy a private tour at the Wild Horse park with a leading local biologist
    • Enjoy meeting with nomads and exploring the nomadic culture of Mongolia


    Trip Date:

    May 1-18; June 2-19; Oct 3-20, 2023 & Feb 3-20, 2024

    2 travelers:

    $7,790 per person, twin occupancy

    3-5 travelers:

    $6,830 per person, twin occupancy

    6-9 travelers:

    $6,590 per person, standard twin occupancy

    Domestic flight:

    $350 per person

    Single supplement fee:

    $900 per person


    Ulaanbaatar hotel

    Hotel Ulaanbaatar

    Hotel Ulaanbaatar is conveniently located in downtown Ulaanbaatar and is a very well established hotel with a friendly staff. All major atractions of UB are located with a walking distance of the hotel.

    mongolian ger yurt

    Field Ger camps

    Throughout the rest of the program, you will be staying at cozy and authentic ger camps set up by our field staff. These gers are equipped with beds and stoves and other amenities to make us as comfortable as possible. Field toilet is supplied.


    Land Transportation:

    Land transportation is provided by Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps seating  3 passangers per vehicle. Some roads can be bumby and hard but our drivers are some of the most experienced and reliable in the country.