52 places to go in 2020 from the New York Times

This year in 2020 the New York Times picked 52 destinations to inspire you, and delight you, and motivate you to explore the World. Mongolia has made it to one of the destinations and we are happy to share it with you.

-Today, Mongolia has more than 400 travel companies, 300 hotels, and 600 resorts and tourist camps. The government is giving tax breaks to companies building hotels and has abolished licenses for tourism businesses. It even has a tourism slogan: “Mongolia — Nomadic by Nature.” Some popular activities include trekking, climbing, birding, horseback riding, camel trekking, and yak caravans. Nearly every travel company includes the Gobi Desert on its itinerary. One great cultural event is the Naadam sports festival held in July. It includes Mongolia’s three most popular sports: Mongolian wrestling, archery, and long-distance horse racing.

-Catch a glimpse of Mongolia before the rest of the tourists get there


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Source from: The New York Times.

Photo by: Marcus Westberg

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