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This special riding experience is an exclusively arranged horseback riding tour aimed at joining local Mongolian rangers to study the habitat area of the endangered argali and ibex species at one of the most remote and beautiful mountains in Mongolia, known as Horidal Saridag. This majestic mountain range overlooks the western shore of the magnificent lake Hovsgol and is in the background of almost every tourist photos of the lake.

Our trip begins with a flight north to Lake Hovsgol, Mongolia’s “Mother Sea” which contains 1% of the world’s fresh water. The lake is headwaters to famous Lake Baikal, which is located not far in Siberia and is one of the oldest lakes in the world. We will begin the journey by driving to the Darhad Valley where our ranger will greet and introduce us to our horses and local crew. All camping and cooking equipments will be carried by horses and we will travel in the complete wilderness in the next few days. Few such pockets now remain in Mongolia.

About the leader:

The expedition chief guide will be Mr.Tumursukh, the director of Horidal Saridag Strictly Protected Area who will take you on the exclusive horse trekking trails used only by local rangers or hunters. Born in the  adjacent Darhad valley and started as a local ranger in the park, there’s hardly anyone who knows the lake area and its surrounding ecosystem better than Tumursukh. He is also a licensed wolf-hunter, in the country where wolf hunting is still officially permitted in order to control the population to protect herders’ livestock. This never before granted access to the backdoors of the mountain is an epic journey dedicated for those who like adventure and thrill, while contributing to the cause of promoting these hard working individuals.

Brief Daily Itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Enjoy a short city tour followed by a welcome dinner at a fine local restaurant.

Day 2. Fly to Lake Hovsgol

In the morning, board a flight to Hovsgol province. Continue driving overland to the Hatgal town located on the southern tip of the lake.

Day 3. Hatgal / Ulkhun Pass

In the morning, we will begin our journey to the Ulkhun Pass. Tent camp in the mountains.

Day 4 – 5. Argali and Ibex mountains

We will be riding along the stiff cliffs of Horidal Saridag Mountains and the taiga forest of northern Mongolia. Overnight in tents.

Day 6. Red Rock River / Ibex Cliffs

On this day, we will be riding and hiking along the ridges of one of the highest but also the most beautiful parts of the rocky cliffs. This is also one of our officially designated wildlife-spotting day.

Day 7. Ibex Cliffs / Arsai River Basin

After an early morning breakfast, we will begin our journey to the headwaters of Arsai River where the habitat area of the argali wild sheep is found.

Day 8 – 9. Arsai River / Toshin River

From a full day of exploring the local flora and fauna at Arsai, we will travel to Toshin Rover, another beautiful mountain system. The mountain river Toshint divides Horidal Saridag Mountain, creating a unique land shaft in the region.

Day 10. Toshint / Mungash Valley

We will spend the day horse trekking in the southern valleys of the Horidal Mountain, exploring different flora and fauna of the region.

Day 11. Mungash / Blue Hill / Ar Davhar

We will conclude our riding journey by arriving at Blue Hill. In the afternoon, we will drive back to Ar Davhar eco-ger camp, specifically built to create a local sanctuary for the wildlife.

Day 12. Lake Hovsgol

We will spend one full day relaxing and trekking along the lakeshore on foot. In the afternoon, enjoy riding in a small boat to explore the surrounding area from the lake.

Day 13. Muron / Ulaanbaatar

In the morning, we will transfer to the airport to fly back to Ulaanbaatar for our last day of explorations. Spend remainder of the day for last minute shopping and sightseeing.

Day 14. Departure

Farewell and transfer to the airport for departure.

Trip Highlights:

  • Travel to Darhad Valley, one of Mongolia’s most beautiful areas
  • Enjoy hiking in some of the most scenic trails in Mongolia along the breathtaking Lake Hovsgol
  • Learn about local plants and trees, including the medicinal plants
  • Enjoy camping at some of the most scenic and secluded spots left at Lake Hovsgol area
  • Enjoy meeting local Mongolian and join them over dinners at their homes
  • Meet Mongolian individuals of various background and professions and hear their prespectives on Mongolia’s challanges and the future it holds


Trip Date:

August 1 – 14, 2020

2 travelers:

$2,948 per person, twin occupancy

3-5 travelers:

$2,890 per person, twin occupancy

6-9 travelers:

$2,790 per person, twin occupancy

10 and more travelers:

$2,670 per person, twin occupancy

Single supplement:

$410 per person

Domestic flight:

$230 per person



Hotel Ulaanbaatar

Hotel Ulaanbaatar is conveniently located in downtown Ulaanbaatar and is a very well established hotel with a friendly staff. All major atractions of UB are located with a walking distance of the hotel.


Field camps

In the Darhad Valley, we will be staying expedition style tents. It is one of the best camping grounds in the entire country and be sure to watch for the northern stars and the entire Milkyway spanning over us!


Ger camps

At the lake Hovsgol, you will stay at Ar Davhar ger camp, a rustic, eco lodge built right on the shore of the lake.  It was also built with a goal in mind to preserve and guard local wildlife population from poaching so there’s a chance to see roe deer and marmots.


Land Transportation

Land transportation is provided by Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps seating  3 passangers per vehicle. Some roads can be bumby and hard but our drivers are some of the most experienced and reliable in the country.