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Mongolia is one of the last places on the planet Earth with vast expanses of untouched land with little to no evidence of human influence. For centuries, traditional local herders have been following their domestic animals in search of good pastureland; they move from place to place, based on changing seasons as well as rainfall. Similar to people, most of the wildlife pursue a similar nomadic lifestyle, roaming a territory the size of Alaska without any discernable migratory patterns. The eastern steppes of Mongolia, known as Dornod, are vast grasslands seven times the size of Serengeti. They are inhabited by White tail or Mongolian gazelle, the biggest hoofed-mammal population outside of the African continent. The best  way to explore this big open landscape is to drive.  Join us on this overland adventure through the Mongolian steppe, passing through the land of ancient volcanoes and entering the mystic Gobi Desert, stopping by old monastery ruins and present-day places of worship for local peoples.

Brief Daily Itinerary

Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

Enjoy a short city tour followed by a welcome dinner at a fine local restaurant

Day 2. Ulaanbaatar

Enjoy a full day of sightseeing in UB to acclimatise. Visit Gandan Monastery and National History and Fine Arts museums.

Day 3. Fly Choibalsan

Early In the morning, we will fly east to the Choibalsan city. We will meet our ground staff and begin driving to Buir Lake.

Day 4-5. Buir

We will arrive at the Buir Lake and enjoy swimming at its warm, clear waters. Spend one full day exploring the lake. Overnight in tents.

Day 6. Ikh Burkhant / Khalkh river

In the morning, drive to the Ikh Burkhan Buddist site, built in the 19th century. Continue driving and arrive at Khalkh river.

Day 7. Tashihai Lakes

Passing through waves of eastern plains, we will arrive at Matad village area and overnight in tents.  

Day 8 – 9. Dariganga

In the following days, travel through Sukhbaatar square, home to over 200 dormant volcanos and historically important sites.

Day 10 – 12. Dornogobi province/ Hamriin Khiid Monastery

In the next three days, we will explore the mid-eastern Gobi known as Dornogobi. Here, we will explore the amazing Khanriin Khiid Monastery

Day 13 – 14. Ulaanbaatar

We return back to Ulaanbaatar and conclude our journey.

Trip Highlights:

  • Travel to the eastern three provinces of Mongolia for the most comprehensive exploration of unique ecosystems;
  • Drive through the endless plains of eastern Mongolia and experience the skyline like never before;
  • Learn about local plants and trees, including the medicinal plants
  • Discover the battlegrounds of 1939 war with Japan known as “Nomunkhan incident”
  • Enjoy meeting local Mongolian and join them over dinners at their homes
  • Explore the Ikh Nart and Gobi’s lesser known sites and sounds
  • Enjoy camping in the hands of expert expedition staff


Trip Date:

Sep 15 – 28, 2019

2-5 travelers:

$4,090 per person, twin occupancy

6-8 travelers:

$3,780 per person, twin occupancy

9 and more 12 travelers:

$3,400 per person, twin occupancy

13 and more travelers:

$3,220 per person, twin occupancy

Single supplement:

$495 per person



Hotel  Ulaanbaatar

Hotel Ulaanbaatar is conveniently located in downtown Ulaanbaatar and is a very well established hotel with a friendly staff. All major atractions of UB are located with a walking distance of the hotel.


Field camps

Throughout the most part of our country, we will be staying expedition style tents. It is one of the best camping grounds in the entire country and be sure to watch for the northern stars and the entire Milkyway spanning over us!


Land Transportation:

Land transportation is provided by Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps seating  3 passangers per vehicle. Some roads can be bumby and hard but our drivers are some of the most experienced and reliable in the country.