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    In the modern world of computers, internet and space technologies it is difficult to find a moment to look around us more carefully, to meet ordinary people from different cultures and to remember why we are here and what are the basic human values that matter. This quest, which traverses through Mongolia’s least known parts of the Gobi Desert and central steppes, is dedicated to adventurers who like to travel with a cause and learn about local cultures deeper than a regular visitor has a chance to. More importantly, it is designed to give you an opportunity to make your personal input and contributions into the growth of local communities and advancing their causes. We will be able to help a local school in a remote village, assist in rebuilding an ancient monastery, learn about a grassroots conservation movement well known around the country and, help biologists and rangers of a local park to conduct their daily duties. If you deeply care and concerned about conserving endemic cultures around the world and learn about Mongolia deeper than an ordinary visitor, then this quest might be suitable for you.

    Map of Mongolia

    Brief Daily Itinerary

    Day 1. Arrival in Ulaanbaatar

    Enjoy a short city tour followed by a welcome dinner at a fine local restaurant

    Day 2. Delgerkhangai soum

    Begin your journey and drive to Delgerkhangai soum, where almost no tourists ever go but has so much to offer.

    Day 3-4. Delgerkhangai Mountain

    We will spend these days learning to milk mares, hiking at Delgerkhangai mountain, touring the local school and just about learning like a nomad!

    Day 5-7. Ongi Monastery and Ongi Movement

    In the net few days, we will learn about another special place at the heart of the Gobi. We will stay at a ger camp at Ongi Monastery named after the river Ongi which flows through the area. It is also where the Ongi movement was born, which was a whistle blowing action that drew international attention to the illegal mining activities in the region. We will meet some of the activities learn about Gobi’s environmental challenges.

    Day 8-9. Kharakhorum

    Spend two full days at Kharkahorum,m and Orkhon valley and visit monasteries and archaeological sits inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Day 10-12. Hustain Nuruu National Park

    We will conclude our journey at the Hustai Nuruu NP, home to world’s last remaining wild horses known as a takhi.  

    Day 13. Ulaanbaatar

    Transfer to the airport for your next phase of adventure.

    Trip Highlights:

    • Travel to the Orkhon Valley, considered as the cradle of Mongolian civilization and visit Kharakhorum, the site of 13th century Mongolian capital city

    • Enjoy exploring Erdenezuu, Shankh and Ongi monasteries, crown jewels of Mongolian Buddhist heritage

    • Visit some of Gobi’s least known regions and spend a quality time with traditional horse herder family

    • Experience living with a nomad and learn about their daily life

    • Enjoy exploring the mountain, steppe and desert ecosystem of the Gobi desert

    • Enjoy meeting with nomads and exploring the nomadic culture of Mongolia


    Trip Date:

     July 18-30 & August 12-24, 2023

    2 travelers:

    $3,800 per person, twin occupancy

    3-5 travelers:

    $3,650 per person, twin occupancy

    6-9 travelers:

    $3,420 per person, twin occupancy

    10-12 and more travelers:

    $3,260 per person, twin occupancy

    Optional single supplement:

    $470 per person



    Hotel  Ulaanbaatar

    Hotel Ulaanbaatar is conveniently located in downtown Ulaanbaatar and is a very well established hotel with a friendly staff. All major atractions of UB are located with a walking distance of the hotel.

    camping night view mongolia

    Field camps

    Throughout the most part of our country, we will be staying expedition style tents. It is one of the best camping grounds in the entire country and be sure to watch for the northern stars and the entire Milkyway spanning over us!


    Ger camps

    Through some portion of the program, we will stay at cozy and authentic ger camps with western bathroom and restaurant facilities. Most visitors find staying in gers as one of the highlights of their trip to Mongolia.


    Land Transportation

    Land transportation is provided by Toyota Land Cruiser jeeps seating  3 passangers per vehicle. Some roads can be bumby and hard but our drivers are some of the most experienced and reliable in the country.